Here at the Department of Corrections (DOC), we have a wide variety of job opportunities that many people aren’t aware of, or may not realize they qualify for.

Some of these opportunities include:

  • Nurses – primary caregivers, responsible for the good, quality care of residents.
  • Teachers – helping our residents achieve educational and professional success.
  • Counselors/Clinicians – experienced position; crucial role in the rehabilitation of residents.
  • Logistics – rewarding jobs that vary from chefs to electronic technicians.

With all of these positions come excellent benefits, job security, and many also include opportunities for advancement.

As an employee of the DOC, your safety is our priority. You will attend and be trained in critical safety skills and be certified as correctional line personnel. You are critical in assisting with the safety and security as part of the whole team.

Working within the Department of Corrections is an incredibly rewarding experience. You serve a population in need, and help individuals who want to grow and achieve success following their release. This helps make our communities safer, strengthens our society as a whole, and no matter what avenue you pursue, your role is crucial.