At the Department of Corrections (DOC), we are committed to giving our residents their best chance at success following release. Our counselors and clinicians play a crucial role in their rehabilitation, through one-on-one sessions, step-by-step programs, and other approaches unique to every case.

Our counselors and clinicians are dedicated workers with valuable experience in their field. As a counselor or clinician with us, you will have the full support of staff and the DOC administration. Your safety is our priority. As a DOC employee, you will attend and be trained in critical safety skills and be certified as a correctional line personnel. You will serve a critical role in assisting with the safety and security as part of the whole team.

If you are looking for a change in your career path, seeking to help a population in need, and want to feel like the work you are doing is truly worthwhile, the Department of Corrections welcomes you.